photo of KelvinI began my journey as a fitness professional when I served in the Submarine community of the U.S. Navy and retired after 20 years of service; as part of my duties I was responsible to help others train to pass the required annual physical readiness test.

While being treated for prostate cancer; I used fitness to regain my physical strength. As I walked through that experience, I realized I not only felt stronger, I felt empowered.  Being healed of the cancer was a gift, but I also received another gift; a passion to share what I’ve learned with others, to inspire them to become empowered through their own journey in being fit for life.

I attended and graduated from Asmead College as Professional Fitness Trainer. I interned at the University of Washington’s Athletic department. There I had the opportunity to work with athletes from all major sports programs.

As contractor for the U. S. Navy I was responsible for the physical readiness of the fleet personnel and the Naval Station Everett’s Fire department.

I contracted with K and L Gates, a Seattle Law firm and conducted fitness workshops and part of their ongoing corporate wellness program

I love to coach people who are motivated and inspired to take their fitness to the next level. Not only do I challenge each client to push themselves beyond their perceived limits, I incorporate multiple disciplines into my practice including; Pilates, yoga, power-lifting, and ply metrics. I educate my clients to understand the purpose of each training session. I categorize my training style as supportive yet demanding.My clients range from ages 14 to 75 years old with a wide range of personal goals, but they all have one thing in common: they realize the importance of making their health a priority in their lives.

Kelvin Thomas