We’re all in this for the same goal: Living healthier, more fulfilling lives. A lot of the challenge that we all face is consistency and losing sight of our goals and feel frustrated not seeing the dramatic changes that really are happening. Our Fit3D Body Scanner perfectly addresses this crucial point.

You will be able to see the progress you’re making and how your body changes as you work toward your ideal weight and shape! Your pictures will speak for themselves. Don’t get lost on your journey to health and fitness. Watch your progress in real time and know the strides you are making.

A simple 40-second scan will help you

  • track the changes in your body’s shape
  • stay motivated by results you can’t see on a scale
  • visualize how far you’ve come

Start today!

$35 for a single scan:


$99 for three scans:
(within 90 days)



Studio373° is proud to offer 3D Body Scanning through Fit3D.

The Fit3D Proscanner will take a complete 360° picture of your body, and provide you with many common measurements through their web platform. This information is helpful in providing insight and motivation throughout your fitness journey.

Fit3D, revolutionary body scanning system, provides accurate measurements across many parts of your body. The Fit3D system uses the same technology as the Xbox Kinect, which takes an accurate 3D picture of you and generates a personalized avatar. From this avatar a series of algorithms are computed. You get over 450 different individual measurements of your body.