Edmonds Community College
I’m writing to recommend Kelvin Thomas as an excellent fitness trainer and instructor. Kelvin has worked for several years with Edmonds Community College in the role of contracted trainer to our employees regarding personal fitness and wellness. He successfully designed and implemented a series of workshops as well as individual, customized sessions for small and large audiences here at our college.

Kelvin is very effective with groups and always receives high evaluations from the participants in his session. Often, his trainings are “sold-out” in advance during our Building Community Day—an annual day of professional development and wellness for campus employees. As a coordinator of the events, I find Kelvin to be easy and enjoyable with which to work. He constantly follows through with what he agrees to do for the college and does so in an efficient, creative manner. Also, he always arrives on time, prepared for his session with a professional, warm attitude.

As the Organization Development & Employee Training Coordinator I highly recommend Kelvin for any fitness/wellness training project with your company. Please feel free to contact me at 425-640-1153 or haley.green@edcc.edu for more information.

– Haley Green, MA; Organization Development & Employee Training (ODET)
Edmonds Community College

Preston Gates & Ellis
I am writing to provide a strong endorsement on Kelvin Thomas to anyone who is considering retaining a professional to inspire a group to better health and fitness.  Earlier this year, our firm embarked on a strategy to build a culture of wellness as a means of controlling escalating health care costs and improving our competitive advantage as an employer of choice in the community and legal industry.  Not being health or fitness specialists ourselves, we sought to contract for the services of dynamic and effective presenters who could reach and inspire our workforce of over 1000 attorneys and staff.

I have known Kelvin from my experience as a student in his Silver Lake Club “boot camp” class and was confident that we could build our program around his energy, charisma, and know-how.  We structured our wellness kickoff with Kelvin as the mainstay in our weekly series of fitness events.  His sessions have drawn the largest crowds, and continue to get very favorable reviews from our participating lawyers and staff members.  The following are just a few of the numerous email feedback sessions I have received that have been complimentary about not only our firm providing this service, but specifically regarding Kelvin and his classes.

Kevin – I know that you have probably heard a lot of this, but I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed Kelvin’s programs.  He is personable, easy to talk and relate to, and has given me numerous tips and direction for my fitness program.  I’ll take Kelvin any day over a motivational speaker!  Just my 2 cents worth..  Thanks — Wendy

Hi Kevin:  I just wanted to thank you for inviting Kelvin to PGE.  I really enjoyed the last strength training session.  I do use my bands, but I’m having some trouble remembering all the moves and appropriate positions.  The abbreviated notes on the List of Exercises hand-out don’t provide enough description and I forgot my pen!  

I’m glad we veered off with push-ups.  I never felt like I was doing push-ups right.  It would be great if we could have part of a session dedicated to push-ups or a hand-out showing the different moves.  Thanks again!  Joann Jarvis

Kevin, These wellness and nutrition classes have been great!  I have especially enjoyed Kelvin’s sessions.  I thought I was pretty aware of exercise techniques – but I have learned so much.  Thank you for making this available to us.  Ann Holstrum

Building a culture of wellness has proven to be a very positive experience for this firm and is a centerpiece to our longer term strategy of controlling health costs. A program only works if you can inspire people to attend your events and take action.  Kelvin Thomas has proven to be just the type of outside professional we needed to jump start our program, which has already received industry-wide recognition and praise.  I strongly recommend Kelvin to any organization looking for a high impact in creating your own wellness culture.  Feel free to contact me at (206) 370-8294 if you would like to discuss further.

– Kevin H. Corrigan, Director of Human Resources
Preston Gates & Ellis

Dietitian Consulting Service, LLC
I have worked with Kelvin in group presentations and individually.  He is always inventive and engaging in his presentations and has the ability to keep me individually focused and inspired to work out routinely.  What does he do?  At one group presentation he set up over 10 different exercise stations that any fitness level could participate in.  He taught an exercise to each person, then that person taught it to the next person.  The passing on of knowledge to the next person helped us to remember the exercise plus gave us a chance to be the expert for a moment.  As a trainer on an individual bases he has a unending bag of tricks.  He consistently brings up new ways to exercise each part of the body.  After working out with him over the past almost 2 years, I can see and feel how much stronger my body is, how my balance has improved and how my over all strength has increased.  Kelvin is an inspiration.

– Marilyn Ferguson-Wolf, MA, RD, CD
Dietitian Consulting Service, LLC