Dan at Heather Lake

I’ve seen far too many people get discouraged in their multiple attempts to improve their fitness level because they didn’t know what they were doing, they weren’t having fun, or worse yet, they kept getting hurt. Clearly, people are more capable of reaching their personal goals if they understand what they’re doing and enjoy their time working toward them.

I’ve always believed that fitness requires work, but should also be fun. That simple guiding principal has motivated me to earn my Personal Trainer Certification through World Instructor Training School while I completed my Bachelor of Science from the University of Washington in 2010.

I love working with people no matter what their fitness level might be, from beginners to aspiring athletes to high-level competitors. My favorite part of working as a personal trainer is getting to see people reach, and often exceed their goals, as well as getting to work with a wide variety of people.

Fitness is something that’s a permanent part of my life. As a busy father and husband, with two boys who are very involved in soccer and football, I spend much of my time outside of training clients on hiking trails and bumming around at the beach with my family.

Whether you’ve felt discouraged in the past or simply want to kick your training up a few notches, I’m confident that I and the team at Studio 373 can help you make getting and staying fit a lot more fun than it’s ever been for you.

Ultimately, we’re committed to supporting you to reach whatever your goals in life may be, over and beyond physical fitness. And that’s why we say here that “fitness is forever!”

Dan Allen