During these uncertain economic times, most people and companies are reassessing how and where they spend their money.  It’s been well known for years that fit people live longer and healthier lives.  With the rising cost of health care you can create your own stimulus package by reducing lifestyle related illness such as diabetes, heart disease and stress.s

Companies are becoming very focused on the benefit of offering incentives for employees to become more health conscience.  A law firm in Seattle offered their employees $50.00 to complete a fitness assessment.  They followed up the assessments by making suggestions on how to improve their health. They also offered weekly fitness classes at lunch time.  Why would they do that when they already pay out large sums of money in the form of medical benefits?  The answer is the bottom line.  They knew that 60-70% of medical costs are lifestyle related.  They managed to create a climate of wellness within their company and save money.  Some of the employees started walking clubs and others joined gyms subsidized by the company.  

The company discovered that sick time absenteeism dropped.  Employees were taking advantage of the smoking cessation programs, cutting down on smoke breaks etc. . . .  You can see where this is going!  It is simple, healthy people are more productive, therefore adding to the bottom line.

The cost of gym memberships vary depending on what the club has to offer.  If you are a person that wants to workout in a gym, consider this, the average latte is $3.00, if you have one every day that’s approx $90.00 per month. The cost of a pound of coffee is about $10.00.  Brew the coffee yourself and buy a gym membership instead.  If you are not a gym person, but need to exercise in a social setting, consider dance lessons , have fun and get fit at the same time (I know a great Instructor).

You don’t have to go to a gym, but you do need to move your body, take a walk, dust off your skates, pump up the bike tires, whatever it takes for you to become active. Soon you will start to feel better; less tired, and build a stronger immune system.  If you are not spending money on things like over the counter medications, blood pressure, diabetes meds (except for genetic reasons) and co-pays, then it’s a savings adding to your bottom line.

Let’s talk briefly about food cost and health. The cost of buying better foods over processed foods can be more, but it will be returned to you by you keeping the money you would have spent on health related issues. T he benefit of eating healthy outweighs the cost of the deterioration of your health due to unhealthy eating.  Unhealthy eating starves your body of needed nutrients and pumps your body full of excessive salt and preservatives.

The old cliché “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” still rings true. You only have one body and no one can take better care of it than you.

Becoming health conscience      $0

Making better food choices         $0

Walking with your friends            $0

Healthy lifestyle                 Priceless