I have always had a passion for fitness and so I went to school to earn my BS in Exercise Science. While in school I became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and over the years I have acquired other certifications including Les Mills International and TRX. I work with everyone including athletes and special populations and I enjoy leading personal and small group training sessions ranging from high intensity interval training to balance and flexibility.

I am passionate about health and wellness and I strive to educate others on how to take care of themselves in a safe, fun, and achievable way. I want others to know that good fitness and nutrition do not have to be intimidating or impossible, but realistic and achievable.

It is hard work everyday to move our bodies and eat well in a technology driven, sedentary world. But the body was designed to move and I try to instill this philosophy into my clients. Food and activity are essentially medicine that keeps us focused, energized, and illness-free. We don’t all have to be high-end, competitive athletes, but we should be the best version of ourselves. We owe this to ourselves and to our loved ones because caring for our bodies results in a higher quality of life.

I am committed to helping people achieve their health goals and I know Studio 373 is the perfect place to do just that!

In health,

Lindsey Rae