We have all been around a campfire at some point in our lives and noticed that as long as there is dry wood (kindling) on the fire it will burn hot.  If you place a heavy log or green wood on the fire it cools the fire and the flames die down.

The same principle applies to your metabolism.  If you have small meals about every two and a half to no more than three hours apart you can speed up your metabolism.  Like putting dry kindling on a dying flame causes a fire to burn hotter, having small meals will cause your metabolic rate to increase, thus resulting in more calories burned during the course of the day.

If you allow yourself to go too long without food, you will become famished and will not usually make the right food choices and will probably consume a quantity larger than you need to satisfy your hunger.  Just like putting a large log or green wood on an already dying fire, we suppress our metabolism, slowing it down. It takes pre-planning to change how you eat.

It may seem like a hassle at first, but when you start losing inches and becoming more defined, you will realize the extra effort was worth it.

Food is Energy.  Just like gasoline provides the fuel for your car to run; food does the same for your body.  If you own a high-performance automobile you wouldn’t skimp on the type of fuel that you put in the tank, you’d use the best!  Treat your body like a Porsche.  Not a Yugo.

Watch how much you eat. Digestion is one of the bodies most energy consuming processes and when you eat more it takes more energy away from calorie burning. Try not to eat late at night right.  Allow 2 – 3 hours to digest before going to bed.  Otherwise, your body is working all night to break down the food and you will likely wake up tired.

If you are consistent with the practices mentioned here you will never have to diet or get in shape for the next big event. It will become your way of life and you will become the best version of your healthy self!

If you need help please don’t hesitate to contact a health professional, they can give you the right guidance and help you live a healthier more productive life.