Days: Mondays and Wednesdays
Mon 6pm, Wed 10am


  • Well toned and elongated body
  • Align the mind and spirit with the body
  • The mind be master of the body
    Just $15 per class plus tax

Pilates workouts are based on strengthening the deep stabilizing muscles of the body, as a result the body is well toned and elongated. Practicing Pilates regularly also helps align the mind and spirit with the body by bringing control and awareness to every movement, and having the mind be the master of the body, rather than the body mastering the mind.

Come check out Kim Grady’s Pilates Class Monday at 6PM or Wednesday morning at 10AM, $15 plus tax. This class is comprised of Pilates Mat exercises utilizing small props (foam rollers, magic circles, therabands & small balls) that focus on using the core muscles to address the postural issues that many of us face. This Class is mixed level. Or try a private reformer session for $70 plus tax! Contact Kim Grady at 425-508-9766

Studio 373, Mukilteo WA

Studio 373°

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