I say training because there is a difference between lifting weights and training.

Lifting weights is for meatheads that lift heavy weights as an attempt to impress others with how much they can lift without regards to proper form. You know the guys I’m talking about, they have to jerk the weight around because they have to use momentum to complete the lift, or they wear weight belts because…well because they think it looks cool. They wear long pants to hide their skinny legs because they only focus on their upper body. They refuse to do cardio; they consume a huge amount of extra calories in the form of protein shakes, energy drinks and Gatorade and can’t figure why they can’t lose the fat around their middle. Sounds familiar?

Then you have the “fadders” you know the ones, they’ve tried every diet, every new “guaranteed” to work in three 20 minute workouts.  What they are actually guaranteed is they are going to keep your money because they know that the majority of people even though they are unhappy with the product are not going to take the time to return it, even for a refund.  Because of clever advertising you buy the next “gonna work this time” thing and so the cycle continues.

Training is about using weight as resistance in a controlled manner to strengthen the body, balanced with a solid cardio program.  When your muscles have to carry the load of the weight through its full range of motion until it fatigues, your muscles will respond by getting stronger and your joints will thank you.

The human body is an amazing machine; it has the ability to heal itself. The eyes, the brain and optic nerves work together so that you can see a single object. When you are training you need to learn to use other parts of your body to assist in the lift. IE; when you are doing a bicep curl, by pulling in (contracting) your abs as you lift the weight, will allow your biceps to work more efficiently (the lift will seem easier), especially when they are fatigued, oh yea don’t forget to breathe!

Never overlook adding cardio to your fitness routine. Cardio is the unsung hero, it helps us with stuff that you can’t see IE; improved blood pressure, improved heart function and strength, better lung capacity, better sleep, being less tired etc. Cardio also plays a major part in fat reduction, so if you are serious about flatten your middle, manage your diet, and move your body. No amount of ab work will get rid of the flab alone; you will just have strong abs covered in fat (sounds yummy huh?).

As much as you will like to believe that you gained the weight overnight, you didn’t. Losing weight and becoming fit takes time, commitment, and knowledge among other things. You can usually find the time if you are really ready to start. Only you know how committed you are “Only as high as you reach can you grow, only as much as you dream can you be”.

No matter how much we think that we know about training we can always learn more from a professional. You wouldn’t ask your buddy the software engineer for financial advice, so why would you take their advice about training.  Being coached by a professional is the best way to learn to maximize your time during your work out.

“Training is a lifetime commitment. It’s never too late to start and never give up”